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Visiting Miro Museum
by Student, Sara B. , Florida

On Thursday we had class in the morning which was so much fun!! We went to the beach and had time to soak in the sun and go into the refreshing water. While we were at the beach we learned and practiced saying different parts of the body in Spanish; a preface to a yoga class conducted later on. That afternoon we went to the Miro Museum. The artwork was very pretty and it was a very cool experience to see his work since he was popular around the same time as Picasso and Dali. On Thursday night we had free time to go to dinner and go shopping in the El Born Plaza. We went to a very cool area that had little local shops and places to eat. It was a fun night. 

On Friday we also had class in the morning but it was different than all other days. We went to the park and did yoga, conducted solely in Spanish. It was challenging but fun and plenty of new knowledge were gained. In the afternoon we went to the Picasso Museum. The Barcelona Picasso Museum is the biggest in the world, so there was definitely plenty to see and enjoy! This week has been very fun and we all are looking forward to the fun-filled weekend ahead.

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