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7 Effective Exam Preparation Tips For High School Students
by Guest Blogger, Lily Brooks


Come exam week, students clamor to cram as much information they can into their heads to pass their examination. In order to become even more effective and productive with your studies during this time, here are 7 helpful tips you can do to prepare for your examinations.


1. Organize your space

This should come as no surprise but in order to be able to study effectively, you need a clean and organized study space, whether that is in your room or in the library. Make sure you have enough space to spread your notebooks and textbooks out. You also need to have enough light in your study space and sit in a comfortable yet supportive chair. Make sure you put away all things distracting like phones, computers, and games. For some people, it helps if there is soft background music. Others prefer complete silence.


2. Use diagrams and charts

When you’re faced with a particularly difficult topic, it helps to have visual aids so you’re better able to understand the concept. Revising also becomes a lot easier when looking at diagrams and charts. As examination day closes, condense your notes into one page of charts and diagrams. This way, it’s easier for you to recall information you’ve already come across at the start of the topic.



3. Practice using old exams

A lot of professional review services like cheetahpapers would always recommend practicing on old examinations as part of exam preparation. This is a good way to understand the format of the questions as well as review past topics. This will also give you the chance to practice pacing so you spend enough time on each section.


4. Explain it to others

If you can’t get away from roommates, siblings, and parents during the days leading up to your examination, you can always use them to your advantage. Try explaining an answer to a particular question to them. This will not only clear your mind but also highlight certain areas that you need more work on.



5. Form a study group

You don’t have to be a hermit come exam week. Getting together with friends and doing a study session will allow you to study more effectively. You can ask questions to them about a topic you’re finding hard and they can do the same to you too. But remember to stay focused on the topic otherwise hanging out with friends will only become a distraction.


6. Take breaks

Overworking your brain is not going to help you learn more and quicker. Studying for long periods of time can become counterproductive because an overworked and stressed out brain isn’t going to absorb any information. Taking regular breaks will give you time to relax and clear your head. In fact, breaks are a great way to ensure new information is stored in long-term memory storage in the brain. It’s important that you establish a study routine that’s personal to you. Some people might need frequent yet short personal breaks while others will do longer breaks every few hours. You can step outside for a couple of minutes, grab a snack, or simply drink a glass of water.



7. Snack on brain food

It’s common for many students to forget to eat come exam season. Some simply don’t have the time or energy to make a meal for themselves. In such cases, you can grab snacks that are a lot more nutritious and boost your brainpower. Avoid consuming junk food at this time. Snack on nuts, seeds, yogurt, and berries, foods that are known to improve concentration and memory. Try to get meals with fish in it as this will also help power your brain through the long hours of studying and revising. Always eat a good meal before an exam and try to avoid sugary snacks.



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Lily Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about literature, books, travel, outdoor and more. She is currently working with cheetahpapers, which offers custom essay writing services for all purposes.

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