Modern Spanish Studies in the Arts, Language & Literature, Culture & Society

“El que lee mucho y anda mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho.” – Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

“Venga! Ven a bailar con nosotros!” From joining an impromptu salsa dance circle in Plaza de España to organizing a cookout on the beach with your host family in Cádiz, you will have many opportunities to experience the infectious gaditano spirit of a carefree, warm approach to living (and loving) life. Located on the Costa de la Luz, Spain’s southern Atlantic coast, and famous for its enthralling culture, unique history, and glorious beaches, Cádiz is popular with young people and families from all over Spain.

During your three-weeks in Cádiz you’ll become a part of the local community by living with a homestay family—so be ready to practice that Spanish! This unique living experience complements the daily program itinerary of classes, activities, and excursions to ensure you have a diverse and authentic exposure to the southern Spanish language, lifestyle, and culture.

I loved my host mom and I hope I will get to see her again one day. I wrote her a letter when I returned home. She is just so sweet and such a special person. Katie D., Kentucky


Even though we are experts in the fields of Spanish immersion and language study, no one will better introduce you to the Southern Spanish culture than your homestay family. Their home, which is typically located a short walk from our language school in the city’s center, will be the focal point of your study abroad experience. Though you will live with your hosts for the duration of the program, you do not spend every afternoon and evening “at home.” The program itinerary balances time with homestays and time with the Abbey Road group to make sure your study abroad experience is a combination of planned activities and cultural immersion. On average, you’ll spend 4 evenings per week at home enjoying dinner and activities with your hosts; the remaining evenings are spent with the entire Cádiz program group.

I have a greater appreciation for theSpanish culture and my own culture. I have more confidence in myself as a learner and I am more adventurous now than I ever thought possible.Emily R., Arizona

Optional Travel Extension: Seville and Córdoba

Seville is one of the most popular and exciting cities in Spain! The Cádiz Session 2 program has the option to spend 4 nights in this former capital of the Moorish kingdom, famous for its century-old flamenco tradition and thriving artistic culture. You’ll visit the world famous Alcazar, tour the Guadalquivir river, climb to the top of the Giralda tower and explore lively plazas and diverse neighborhoods. You will also take a special overnight trip to the nearby city of Córdoba. At times a capital of both Roman and Eastern rule, the city has one of the world’s most extensive and fascinating cultural heritages.

They are a very hospitable people and are extremely affectionate. Their customary greeting involves two besos (kisses) on your cheeks; far different from our American handshake.Amanda K., New Jersey

Daily Schedule

“Making the most of your time in Spain” doesn’t even come close to describing our program itinerary. In three-weeks you will improve your spoken Spanish, visit Cónil, Santa Maria, Tarifa, Ronda, Los Toruños, and AcquaLand, dance the salsa and the flamenco, sample AND learn to make tapas, climb bell towers, explore ancient monuments, kayak, bike ride, and potentially become the next great Abbey Road Student Olympics athlete, just to name a few of the items on the program schedule.

Here is how we make it all happen: Weekday mornings are dedicated to experiential Spanish classes designed to improving your knowledge of the Spanish language and culture while afternoons alternate between your pre-selected elective class and group activities (at least 2 different options each day). Evenings alternate between time “at home” with your Spanish hosts and group excursions and events throughout the city of Cádiz. Every weekend we will take you to surrounding towns and cities within Andalusia.