Spanish Studies in the Arts, Language, History and Culture

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

You haven’t really tried a churro until you’ve had one con chocolate in a bustling Spanish café. Lucky for you there are plenty of opportunities for Spanish pastry-dipping during your first week abroad on the Barcelona-Madrid program. We combine a week of travel-adventure through Madrid (home to famed churro con chocolate café San Gines) Segovia, and Toledo with three weeks of residential immersion in Barcelona for a “best of both worlds” Spanish immersion and travel experience. Over the course of four weeks you’ll get to try the foods, see the sights, and meet the people of two of Spain’s most celebrated cultural capitals.

My Spanish has improved hands down. I feel like my ability to speak Spanish improved the most, but there was also a general all around improvement in my ability and I’m really noticing it this year in AP. Jessie B., New Jersey


Your summer in Spain begins in Madrid. This first week serves as a sort of ¨introduction¨ to the Spanish language and culture. You´ll get to know Spain’s capital during site visits and excursions, your fellow travelers during afternoon activities, and begin your study of Spanish language during evening conversation classes over delicious group meals. Two day trips to Segovia and Toledo will help introduce topics on Spanish history.

One of my favorite activities in class was when we went to the market in Las Ramblas. We had to buy certain foods off a list we had been given for lunch that day. We had to communicate with people at the market.Nicole W., New York


During your three weeks in Barcelona, you’ll have ample opportunity to compare the world-view of the madrileños with that of the independent-minded Cataluña. You´ll live in a centrally located apartment residence with walking access to Barcelona’s main cultural attractions. Your daily schedule will be just as exciting and dynamic as your location. Between daily classes ranging from drawing and digital photography to Spanish language and cuisine, afternoon activity options and excursions, and weekend day trips all around Catalonia, you´re sure to be inspired and discover new passions.

Learning to cook new recipes and trying new foods was a completely new experience. My favorite recipe was tortilla, which is an egg, and potato dish that can be used for tapas or as a whole dish.Isabel H., New York

Residential Life

In Madrid, you’ll live in a 3-star hotel hand-picked by our staff for its central location and comfy living quarters. In Barcelona, you’ll spend three weeks living in the Fort Pienc district. Our location couldn’t be better for an extended stay: it provides easy access to the city’s main beach for optimal beach time, and offers relief from noise but is just a leisurely twenty minute walk from Plaça de Catalunya. With such a prime location, you’re sure to enjoy the time you spend outside of your apartment as much as the time spent inside of it. Our residence is equipped with amenities like a work-out room, student lounges, and even a roof-top pool, while
each “studio” apartment has a private bedroom and bathroom and a full kitchen shared with the studio next door. Let’s face it; you will feel spoiled but this is still a great opportunity to ease into college dorm living.

For the first time I felt like I actually lived abroad, that I wasn’t just a tourist. I was able to fully immerse myself in Spanish culture and experience what the lifestyle in Barcelona is like.Maggie B., New Jersey

Daily Schedule

The spirit of “carpe diem” inspires our scheduling of classes, events and outings. Every weekday morning in Barcelona you will attend your experiential Spanish language class (think field trip meets classroom learning). Your pre-selected elective meets on a tri-weekly basis during the afternoons. This frees up two afternoons per week for you to try your hand at salsa-dancing, ultimate Frisbee, sunbathing, tapas-tasting, museum touring or, to cool off with a dip in the residence’s rooftop pool. We will always give you at least two-to-three options to choose from just to make sure there is something for everyone. Weekends are dedicated to day trips and group events and also provide down time to relax or explore the city (within our safety guidelines) in small groups.

Instead of staying in the classroom the whole time and talking about the lens and the photo process, our teacher would take just a few minutes to tell us what shewas expecting us to do that day and what we should be looking for and then send us out into the city. Jason Y., California

Day Trips

Day trip excursions introduce you to some of Spain’s most celebrated towns and cities. While in Madrid, you’ll visit Segovia and Toledo. Segovia’s Roman aqueduct and Gothic cathedral (thelast to be built in Spain) offer an awe-inspiring glimpse into the country’s dynamic history, whileToledo’s breathtaking mountaintop views justify its position as a former capital of the Spanish Empire.While in Barcelona, you’ll get to explore Girona, Sitges, Figueres and Montserrat. The picturesque medievaltown of Girona provides a true taste of Spanish Gothic architecture and old-world Catalonia, whileSitges hosts 17 beautiful beaches! A visit to Figueres introduces you to the birthplace of Salvador Dali, while a hike through Barcelona’s Montserrat offers the opportunity to discover the mountain some claim houses the Holy Grail of Arthurian myth.